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Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High

Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High


  • SickInTheBrain
    SickInTheBrain6 годин таму

    No ads. In a fifty minutes long video on BYlabel. Gotta love MGK.

  • Schmitty has spoken
    Schmitty has spoken6 годин таму

    Great song but he definitely got kicked outa the rap game

  • Fred HOMINAL
    Fred HOMINAL6 годин таму

    IL EST FORT ! ... YES ❤️🤩🇲🇫

  • Isaiah Serna
    Isaiah Serna7 годин таму

    Sounds like relient k be my escape

  • Alexandre Arlem
    Alexandre Arlem7 годин таму


  • Lil' St. Jimmy
    Lil' St. Jimmy7 годин таму

    this song is a love letter to blink 182, the title referencing aliens is no coincidence!

  • Lil' St. Jimmy
    Lil' St. Jimmy7 годин таму

    ok but "in my Yead"

  • Black hoodie
    Black hoodie7 годин таму

    I love this song mgk and black bear Im in love with it

  • Reyna Armendariz
    Reyna Armendariz7 годин таму

    bro who remembers when this song first came out it was all over the place😩the memoriessss😶

  • Violet Ritchie
    Violet Ritchie8 годин таму

    I love this 🎶 it’s so amazing 🤩 it’s my favourite song ever.

  • Carissa Barnes
    Carissa Barnes8 годин таму

    Truth. Drugs are the worst thing that happened to this world.

  • Jon Allyson Lim
    Jon Allyson Lim8 годин таму

    Man it gets me every time :(

  • Peyton Luckhurst
    Peyton Luckhurst8 годин таму

    Erg ewwww

  • SkyLa Burns
    SkyLa Burns9 годин таму

    This was the worst song ever. I think this proves why new music sucks. I didn’t say bad singers I love both of them but omg this was dook music. Horrible lyrics. Not a one good beat in this whole thing. Ha going back to listening to anything but this.

  • Sash Wings
    Sash Wings9 годин таму

    "IN MY HEAD, IN MY HEAD"... I hope MGK does more music in this genre

  • Sash Wings
    Sash Wings9 годин таму

    "Nothing's that bad , If it feels good" ... hits that spot so good

  • Deeze Nuts
    Deeze Nuts10 годин таму

    eminem really did end the dudes rap career had to go to pop punk

  • Jared Daddy
    Jared Daddy11 годин таму

    Very different style, chorus, and beat. But it works. I like it. MGK is uniquely himself

  • Rwaddleofficial L
    Rwaddleofficial L11 годин таму

    so basically, she's kinky?

  • Nite Driv3r
    Nite Driv3r11 годин таму

  • Nite Driv3r
    Nite Driv3r11 годин таму

  • C R
    C R11 годин таму

    Kellin’s voice is just incredible! It’s so great to see him on Ellen!

  • naveen pawar
    naveen pawar11 годин таму

    Love it. Love MGK.

  • Mike Bentz
    Mike Bentz12 годин таму

    i made a song with drake more likes on this coment more songs so liiike this coment

  • David Wolfe
    David Wolfe12 годин таму

    Mgk is so underrated he is so talented both with creating his songs and his visual props he uses in his performances.

  • tori
    tori12 годин таму


  • Spread Love Not Hate
    Spread Love Not Hate12 годин таму

    I used to listen to this every single day going to school.

  • TCEricTV
    TCEricTV12 годин таму

    HashTag: TheRapStar

  • TMinozaJ
    TMinozaJ12 годин таму

    This video looks like the BYlabel 2018 rerun 😂

  • TCEricTV
    TCEricTV12 годин таму

    This Song Is About The Rap Rev Everyone's A Rap Head Now Because Of Me! 😁

  • Kelly White
    Kelly White12 годин таму

    Look how far he's come. Luv this song... 💓💖 So talented in his vision!

  • midw3st monst3rs
    midw3st monst3rs12 годин таму

    2021 anyone??

  • Molly Jacques
    Molly Jacques13 годин таму

    Literally have listened / watched this over 100 times and it's still a masterpiece

  • SekhmetSecretWeapon
    SekhmetSecretWeapon13 годин таму


  • Zerrick Ponder
    Zerrick Ponder13 годин таму

    Nice one

  • Nakata Tango
    Nakata Tango13 годин таму

    hardest hiphop trap genre ever which realeased in 2011. cant thinking of the other tracks but ONLY THIS.

  • damai ikhsan
    damai ikhsan13 годин таму

    I got felling

  • Heather Ruiz
    Heather Ruiz13 годин таму

    I played this last week at my daughter's funeral. She was so in love with MGK and knew every word to every song. Rest in paradise Katelyn Michelle forever 27💜

  • Marsya s.m
    Marsya s.m14 годин таму

    Wow this is crazy ♡

  • Isabela Cuderola
    Isabela Cuderola14 годин таму

    Kellin is amazing<3

  • Robby Hamilton
    Robby Hamilton14 годин таму

    I know about this song EST 4 Ever

  • Marii
    Marii14 годин таму

    i remember searching new songs on youtube so i could write the lyrics on my songbook and this song came out and i became so addicted to this song to the point that i want a relationship like this somedayy... and now its almost 5yrs damn...

  • dannnyy
    dannnyy14 годин таму

    The rock/pop punk industry: Travis: hold my drumsticks

  • Anna
    Anna14 годин таму


  • dannnyy
    dannnyy14 годин таму

    Wait is Travis barker on drums?

  • DUCKing
    DUCKing14 годин таму

    He went from dissing Eminem to dancing on a car with a pink guitar

  • Mike
    Mike14 годин таму

    I'm glad he's not "rapping" anymore.

  • Slime With Me Boo
    Slime With Me Boo15 годин таму

    Love you boo

  • Aundre Crews
    Aundre Crews15 годин таму

    Making love sound good💯 more blackberry please!!!

  • Zernius Alsornus
    Zernius Alsornus15 годин таму

    fear street is just a movie bases on this music video....the truth

  • SoWhoop
    SoWhoop15 годин таму

    just realised this guy used to make rap

  • Arminda Wickens
    Arminda Wickens15 годин таму

    Were can I get these tikets?

  • Dee Cullingsworth
    Dee Cullingsworth16 годин таму

    “You kids are actually pretty cool”

  • Craig
    Craig16 годин таму

    The best part of this song is taken directly from Fastball - Out of My Head, 1997.

  • Dan Lewsey
    Dan Lewsey16 годин таму

    I liked him as a rapper but pop punk does suit better I think when Tom delonge left blink 182 he should of replaced him

  • Shiloh the Ghost God
    Shiloh the Ghost God11 годин таму

    @Dan Lewsey thank you Dan. The songs mgk sounding are “dont look like that” “i know what you did” and “toxic af.” Im just starting out & will be releasing music every week for the entire summer. Hope you subscribe & stick around :

  • Dan Lewsey
    Dan Lewsey11 годин таму

    @Shiloh the Ghost God I'll check it out dude

  • Shiloh the Ghost God
    Shiloh the Ghost God11 годин таму

    So true Dan. Tom is a huge inspiration of mine. i make MGK inspired music. Nowhere as good, but they’re on my page if you’re interested. If not, no worries

  • Tomi Kiss
    Tomi Kiss16 годин таму

    The best MGK song no cap

  • Jayce Fedora
    Jayce Fedora17 годин таму

    Relient K? Lol wow haven't heard this best in forever. 😂😂

  • Bela studio
    Bela studio17 годин таму

    killshot has done it perfectly this is litt

  • Bela studio
    Bela studio17 годин таму

    ohh ur right too man

  • Pascal Fatchéoun
    Pascal Fatchéoun17 годин таму

    Legends' music

  • piano0b
    piano0b17 годин таму

    didn't know meghan plays the guitar

  • Johanna McQuiston
    Johanna McQuiston17 годин таму

    Wonder if he got permission from Guy Richie for ripping off Snatch #notoriginal

  • spudbrain
    spudbrain18 годин таму

    i dont think that woman knows how to play gutar

  • Chu Yen
    Chu Yen18 годин таму

    你走吧,不管怎樣都要祝你幸福。 我總要習慣一個人,練習,一個人。 趁著年輕, 去愛你喜歡的人, 去做你想做的事, 去走你夢想的國度, 去想你曾經的回憶, 就把這些當成是你青春裡最後的任性。 用什麼融化遺憾?悔恨嗎? 用什麼融化思念?距離嗎? 用什麼融化記憶?時間嗎? 用什麼融化自己?孤獨嗎? 用什麼融化你?我僅有的生命 眞朋友就像鑽石 珍貴而稀有.. 假朋友就像是樹葉,遍地可尋 .. 路上行人匆匆過 沒有人會回頭看一眼 我只是個流著淚 走在大街上的陌生人 如今我對你來說 也只不過是個陌生人 看見我走在雨裡 你也不會再為我心疼 曾經心疼為何變成陌生 我只想要和你一起飛翔 管它地久天長 只要曾經擁有 我是真的這麼想 曾經心疼為何變成陌生 愛情就像人生不能重來 這些道理我懂 可是真正面對 教我如何放得下

  • glamorous #life
    glamorous #life18 годин таму

    Damn he killed a w140 😶

  • 19 годин таму

    I would sound the Machine Gun Kelly is like Kelly Clarkson. #machinegunkelly #kellyclarkson #mgk

  • O DAMN!
    O DAMN!19 годин таму

    Dude I’ve been playing this on repeat so much💀😂

  • DomX
    DomX19 годин таму


  • Squidward's Soul
    Squidward's Soul19 годин таму

    Vibing to this song in 2021

  • Mj Merritt
    Mj Merritt19 годин таму

    Often we think our lives are so hard and they are but imagine for a second were in his shoes coming from nothing now having everything except you have to leave your child jus think about that they make sacrafices too

  • salem bluu
    salem bluu19 годин таму

    just had a friend say this is punk i am disappointed with our generation

  • MyParentsBasement
    MyParentsBasement19 годин таму

    Dope tune but that's not how wrenches work

  • Adam
    Adam19 годин таму

    Brilliant 👌

  • Muhammad Naquib
    Muhammad Naquib20 годин таму

    I hate my x

  • Rhea Tugbo
    Rhea Tugbo20 годин таму

    I'm really inlove with Camilla's voice

  • Astiti Debi
    Astiti Debi21 годину таму


  • rick wood
    rick wood21 годину таму

    A masterpiece.

  • Adam
    Adam21 годину таму

    Brilliant 👌

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez22 години таму

    relient k rip-off

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson22 години таму

    Getting some old school vibes