Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - Candy (Official Music Video)

Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)

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Directed by: Miles & AJ
Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions (
Executive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera
Line Producer: Kai Yuricich
DP: Geoffrey Taylor
Commissioner: Vincenza Conticchio

Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  • Dianne Hernandez
    Dianne Hernandez28 хвілін таму

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Denharo Francis
    Denharo Francis2 години таму

    "play with death like I'm billy and Mandy" bar

  • кiт
    кiт6 годин таму

    Where can I buy a pink suit like a mgk? Or it was made to order?

  • Jon Allyson Lim
    Jon Allyson Lim9 годин таму

    Man it gets me every time :(

  • Mike Bentz
    Mike Bentz13 годин таму

    i made a song with drake more likes on this coment more songs so liiike this coment

  • Anna
    Anna15 годин таму


  • Dee Cullingsworth
    Dee Cullingsworth17 годин таму

    “You kids are actually pretty cool”

  • Tomi Kiss
    Tomi Kiss18 годин таму

    The best MGK song no cap

  • Elisea Call
    Elisea CallДзень таму

    Hey can Pete Davidson be my pharmacist

  • Funmeno
    FunmenoДзень таму

    found myself a hidden gorgeous Gem

  • Allison Denault
    Allison DenaultДзень таму

    Idk if he is promoting it or not

  • Rem Remyee
    Rem RemyeeДзень таму

    Wm man

  • Charles Nichols
    Charles NicholsДзень таму


  • Bob Frisk
    Bob FriskДзень таму

    memories xdd

  • walter rehe
    walter rehe2 дні таму

    Que musica de mierda por Dios

  • EROS830


    2 дні таму


  • Thee MRMC
    Thee MRMC2 дні таму

    This song is the same, but also the most different from most rap songs at the same time

  • ree_kid0710
    ree_kid07103 дні таму

    Without my glasses I thought he was jake Paul

  • clint pearson
    clint pearson3 дні таму


  • Tessa Myers
    Tessa Myers3 дні таму

    I just wanna say thanks to my stepsister for getting me hooked on mgk

  • Ceendy Ngema
    Ceendy Ngema4 дні таму

    Nice songs

  • Cam_Hockey33
    Cam_Hockey335 дзён таму

    That’s the guy from SNL right?

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey5 дзён таму

    Miss it MGK.

  • Breezy Writer
    Breezy Writer6 дзён таму

    Is this their “coming out” song?

  • Deanna
    Deanna6 дзён таму

    I love Pete “both of you suck”

  • z0e
    z0e6 дзён таму

    aye, you know i keep that candy yeah need more like mandy yeah. stay up take addies yeah, im trying to fix this damage yeah.

  • Elijah Davilla
    Elijah Davilla6 дзён таму

    tp fire

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson6 дзён таму

    BEHOLD your media’s new ROLE MODEL! Be like these people and follow the science because we care about you….here’s what I think 🖕

  • r3troProd
    r3troProd7 дзён таму

    1:06 Cameraman : bro the camera is right here I hope you’ll have a good day ;)

  • Mary Labor
    Mary Labor7 дзён таму


  • iGN_NotUhSweat
    iGN_NotUhSweat7 дзён таму

    Can I meet Chad...? Pls...?

  • Luthrea Rai
    Luthrea Rai7 дзён таму


  • Audrey Ellis
    Audrey Ellis7 дзён таму


  • andrew powers
    andrew powers8 дзён таму

    Any one see the cough syrup bottles "Lit juice." Shit had me Rollin

    KAZUMA KIRYU8 дзён таму

    Trippie was spitting that heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Slime With Me Boo
    Slime With Me Boo8 дзён таму

    I love ya, but Why always about drugs bro? its bad

  • Tadar James
    Tadar James8 дзён таму

    Trippe Red cool 💀🦴

    HITMAKER219 дзён таму

    You guys ever buy drugs before 😂😂

  • @thefermiparadox
    @thefermiparadox9 дзён таму

    Trippie is Em on Renegade except J was still dope.

  • wild dragonfly
    wild dragonfly9 дзён таму

    You all are awesome I love you hope you are doing well God bless love you all😎😎😎💜💛😺🤗😘😀😁

  • liam horan
    liam horan9 дзён таму

    LiMmmmmmmmmm olololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown9 дзён таму

    Omfg this song fire.

  • Tristan Hall
    Tristan Hall9 дзён таму

    His music is proof of change. And proof that drugs mess up your psyche

  • echoesofsilence
    echoesofsilence9 дзён таму

    Trippie added nothing to this song.

  • Joanne Gonzalez
    Joanne Gonzalez9 дзён таму


  • Joanne Gonzalez
    Joanne Gonzalez9 дзён таму


  • Kristin Parkin
    Kristin Parkin9 дзён таму

    W tflm

    NIXIOM10 дзён таму

    MGK has the most drip of any white guy ever. my guy rocking pink suit and bleached hair

  • SmarksSucks


    7 дзён таму

    F off kid u don't nothing about real hip hop

  • Minh Tran
    Minh Tran10 дзён таму

    Trippie redd is the strangest looking black guy

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa10 дзён таму

    Eminem killed this man already🤣

  • Felipe Sarmiento Sar

    Felipe Sarmiento Sar

    6 дзён таму

    Look all you Eminem stans are pathetic if you dont like mgk just dont listen to his music or are you not smart enough To figure that out by yourself

  • LincHammer


    7 дзён таму

    Ikr if eminem dissed me that bad, I'd also be drugged up. Fucking jackass, I get it you're cool you do drugs, next? Is that mgks only shtick?

  • Talia k
    Talia k10 дзён таму

    Why is no one pointing out that the medicine said lit juice

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox11 дзён таму

    Hey your damage isn’t when you took your first pill or your first arrest or the first thing that traumatized you as a kid or the heartbreak that hurt the worst. It was when your mother was “expecting” and when you figure out what I’m talking about you’ll know the rest . Stay up Machine Gun Kelly

  • ArshTheMan
    ArshTheMan11 дзён таму

    He's not even the same person anymore since tickets. Tbh I'll always love colson and support his music, but he's not the hero I grew up with anymore

  • Tamika payton
    Tamika payton11 дзён таму

    On god

  • Cody Wagoner
    Cody Wagoner12 дзён таму

    Right I think the commment to where he said why u cough was fucking hilarious

  • Shilp Bijgavne
    Shilp Bijgavne12 дзён таму

    imagine looking like a shit show and still get megan fox

  • Trolled A Bear Once

    Trolled A Bear Once

    12 дзён таму

    Transformers 2 Megan yes, but now? lol no.

  • Eric Krogmann
    Eric Krogmann13 дзён таму

    Drugs aren't that bad

  • JPrieto1396
    JPrieto139613 дзён таму

    wtf is this shit. trap?

  • ii_SunnyPlayz
    ii_SunnyPlayz14 дзён таму

    “Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.” - [ ] 1: We would miss you - [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive - [ ] 3: It does get better,believe it or not it will eventually get better. - [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing. - [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone,even yourself tell you otherwise. - [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason. - [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live! - [ ] 8: So many people care about you - [ ] 9: You are amazing - [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you - [ ] 11: I care for you - [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you - [ ] 13: Youre literally perfect!!

  • ii_SunnyPlayz


    10 дзён таму

    @Jessie Geel Yeah, ofc! Ive lost so many people do to suicide. Your not alone! I love everyone no matter who or what they are or doing, everyone deserves to be loved. Sending prayers your way. I believe in you Jesse. Never stop fighting!

  • Jessie Geel

    Jessie Geel

    11 дзён таму

    i really needed this, thank you

  • xKyTheLxserx
    xKyTheLxserx14 дзён таму

    66m views, insane kell. Congrats, you’ve come far

  • Enrrique Galvan
    Enrrique Galvan14 дзён таму

    Everyone - man best song Me - just skips to trippie reds part

  • Keith Borden
    Keith Borden14 дзён таму

    Young mgk was fire ,now you fn suck

  • lit flacke
    lit flacke14 дзён таму

    Big 14 boooooy 🤘👌🖒✌🖕

  • Dylan Loftis
    Dylan Loftis14 дзён таму

    just bought a whip for my Grammy yeah

  • C Sterling
    C Sterling14 дзён таму

    Mmmm...pete and mGK. .. mmmm^h

  • joanna henton
    joanna henton14 дзён таму


  • Daniel Quagliaro
    Daniel Quagliaro14 дзён таму

    I officially found someone uglier then Lil Wayne.. TRIPPIE

  • Daniel Quagliaro
    Daniel Quagliaro14 дзён таму

    I coughed cuz I'm f#kin sick to got if ma mom's

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown15 дзён таму

    what a tune i listen too all mgk this is probly my favrite

  • Nooman
    Nooman15 дзён таму


  • Megan Mcmichael
    Megan Mcmichael15 дзён таму

    This dude is going to be the next PEEP, his next biggest hit is gonna be his obituary in the paper. As sad as it is we're all just here for the music, and don't actually take the time to see he's literally wasting away.

  • Tearra Christensen
    Tearra Christensen16 дзён таму

    I love you’re songs and my sis is a huge fan

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter17 дзён таму

    This is already 2 years old. wtf it feels like yesterday.

    DENZEL NGABIA17 дзён таму

    Still here

  • Katelyn Rockz
    Katelyn Rockz17 дзён таму

    I'm in my head again

  • Anubian Wolf
    Anubian Wolf18 дзён таму

    Why'd you cough lmfao gets me everytime

  • •tOKRAKKEN •
    •tOKRAKKEN •18 дзён таму

    dam trippie got them sharp grills where you get them from

  • •tOKRAKKEN •
    •tOKRAKKEN •18 дзён таму

    kelly just standing there shaking his head I felt that...

  • Dana Mitchell
    Dana Mitchell18 дзён таму

    Beat is good

  • Alexander Dunnett
    Alexander Dunnett18 дзён таму

    Red suit made me laugh out loud.

  • J B
    J B19 дзён таму

    Best song ever .... He didnt stick to rap cuz the ghettos.... Is all... And horrible corrupt cops.. Etc... Best rapper ever tho mgk has most ballhe didnt evem need that loser nokka

    TENANGABE N HAU Zeliang19 дзён таму

    Update 2021... _ new song broda'.'😎

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese19 дзён таму

    Drugs kill.

  • Nooman
    Nooman19 дзён таму


  • Jackass boys69
    Jackass boys6919 дзён таму

    I hope I see Machine Gun Kelly one day

  • ko ko
    ko ko19 дзён таму

    On fire

  • Heather Herrington
    Heather Herrington19 дзён таму

    Especially with trippie Redd in the video and f*** it I was raised like that

  • Heather Herrington
    Heather Herrington19 дзён таму

    Y'all will make me get wild. Lol

  • JovyThePimp
    JovyThePimp20 дзён таму

    What’s wrong with your goonies that so good to me

  • Transformers films
    Transformers films20 дзён таму

    Lil peep vibes

  • thomas ellis
    thomas ellis20 дзён таму

    2:29 and up is hard

  • ThomasWYA
    ThomasWYA20 дзён таму

    Juice wrld would go good on this

  • ThomasWYA
    ThomasWYA20 дзён таму

    2:38 trippie looked so dope with those in his teeth and black hair

    FELIX ORTIZ21 дзень таму

    It’s the guy from fortnite

  • Tyrone King jr
    Tyrone King jr21 дзень таму

    I take my medicine

  • Marelly Rosado
    Marelly Rosado22 дні таму

    I like this song 👍❤👍❤❤

  • Austin Roth
    Austin Roth22 дні таму

    Me, Thinking the song was about actually candy Me realizing its not about actual candy

  • Tech Tech
    Tech Tech22 дні таму

    Wtf y

  • DragonSlayer456 Mcdonald
    DragonSlayer456 Mcdonald22 дні таму

    No cap

  • DragonSlayer456 Mcdonald
    DragonSlayer456 Mcdonald22 дні таму

    Listen all the time

  • DragonSlayer456 Mcdonald
    DragonSlayer456 Mcdonald22 дні таму

    Best song lol