Machine Gun Kelly feat. Kellin Quinn - love race (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing love race. © 2021 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  • Valeria Falcon
    Valeria Falcon3 хвіліны таму

    Kellin Quinn!!

  • Theshortyshow Show
    Theshortyshow Show40 хвілін таму

    power puff girl vibe baby

  • Artwik Eve Echoes
    Artwik Eve Echoes46 хвілін таму

    Run Kelly Run.

  • may)(day
    may)(dayГодину таму

    Hey real quick, Can someone go thank Eminem please?

  • Mac Grimm
    Mac Grimm6 годин таму

    Bro, I've been a fan since wild boy, but damn, im loving these new songs. Thanks for bringing this style of music back. I just found this song a month ago and haven't stopped listening. Keep killing it.

  • Isaiah Serna
    Isaiah Serna8 годин таму

    Sounds like relient k be my escape

  • naveen pawar
    naveen pawar13 годин таму

    Love it. Love MGK.

  • TMinozaJ
    TMinozaJ13 годин таму

    This video looks like the BYlabel 2018 rerun 😂

  • Isabela Cuderola
    Isabela Cuderola15 годин таму

    Kellin is amazing

  • dannnyy
    dannnyy15 годин таму

    Wait is Travis barker on drums?

  • Zernius Alsornus
    Zernius Alsornus16 годин таму

    fear street is just a movie bases on this music video....the truth

  • Jayce Fedora
    Jayce Fedora18 годин таму

    Relient K? Lol wow haven't heard this best in forever. 😂😂

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez23 години таму

    relient k rip-off

  • Sinuhé Isaac
    Sinuhé IsaacДзень таму

    someone knows who is the pink bikini girl?

  • Shweta Official
    Shweta OfficialДзень таму

    I just LOVE it!!!👌👌👌 #LoveRace

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy KruegerДзень таму

    Bad boy tune 🎶🎶

  • Alee Bch
    Alee BchДзень таму

    Mi niña emo está feliz de escuchar y ver esto en pleno 2021😭😍

  • Labib Rahman
    Labib RahmanДзень таму

    Did MGK stop Rapping?

  • iiXeno
    iiXenoДзень таму

    Killshot is the reason MGK does this type of music, never forget.

  • Daniel Marchese
    Daniel Marchese2 дні таму

    im just happy for him.if he its happy.i think yes :)) go kells we love ya

  • Tun-Tunn Inc.
    Tun-Tunn Inc.2 дні таму


  • Jake Jeskey
    Jake Jeskey2 дні таму

    Love this song!! Absolutely hooked. However, am I the only one who hears Be My Escape by Reliant K on the one part?

  • may)(day


    Годину таму

    FUCKING HELL THANK YOU I've been saying this since I heard this song

  • Mark Oquinn
    Mark Oquinn2 дні таму

    Eminem has destroyed him machine gun Kelly

  • Slappa Da Bass
    Slappa Da Bass2 дні таму

    Top 5 worst songs ever. Hopped out of the shower just to skip it

  • Evan Seekins
    Evan Seekins2 дні таму


  • milagros acevedo
    milagros acevedo2 дні таму

    epicoo nanana temon

  • Scarlett Ball
    Scarlett Ball2 дні таму

    I’m a fan btw I love your music

  • Progress Official
    Progress Official2 дні таму

    The Eminem beef is the best thing that ever happenned to this man 🔥

  • Brandon Mohammed
    Brandon Mohammed2 дні таму

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  • BuddyRittXX


    2 дні таму

    Nobody really cares bro😂

  • King Samuel
    King Samuel2 дні таму

    anyone here thingking the fear street 1978 movie?

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus2 дні таму

    man what the fuck happened to you, I was fucking hyped when I heard you in 2012 from the film 'Project X' it was the reason I became your big fan... I know that you always liked blink-182 and mostly punk songs so I do, but you did all the best songs till 2018... You made me fall in love with black clothes and swags. Always thought you would become the strongest rapper, but please do some rap songs, I need real KELLS back!!! EST 19XX, LACE UP till i die...

  • Jessie Dewberry
    Jessie Dewberry3 дні таму

    My step daughter is soo upsessed with your music she said she really wants to come to one of your music shiws and sing on stage with you lol

  • Jessie Dewberry

    Jessie Dewberry

    3 дні таму

    I mean shows lol

  • Jbo 254
    Jbo 2543 дні таму

    Dam eminem really did end his rap career lmao #killshot



    23 години таму


  • HeyYouYeahYou
    HeyYouYeahYou3 дні таму

    Fuck yeah, back to the roots. Kellen and MGK are back!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥

  • Clyde Barrow
    Clyde Barrow3 дні таму

    Travis Barker is just pure legend.

  • Know Way Know How
    Know Way Know How3 дні таму

    This is the best music video I've ever seen.

  • OUTLAWS9000
    OUTLAWS90003 дні таму

    The chorus is by far my favorite part!

  • Official Rivv
    Official Rivv3 дні таму

    Holy shit this sucks

  • Madou Vlogs
    Madou Vlogs3 дні таму


  • Daisy Jane De Juan
    Daisy Jane De Juan3 дні таму


  • LiL Dunny
    LiL Dunny3 дні таму

    This is the genre we needed during our depression. Thanks for bringing this back.

  • Bud Gates
    Bud Gates3 дні таму

    Love it. Love the horror movie themed video too lol

  • Arcanum Unknown
    Arcanum Unknown4 дні таму

    I thought that was a girl singing

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Me and Johnny could be in the next music videos

  • K P
    K P4 дні таму

    Tampon ?

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    If your happy ill be happy for you

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Then ill shut up

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Just help me be with Johnny from highly Suspect

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    I just left my ex who was the devil and now im on runnnnnnn away from the bs

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    I forgive my dad now but he was a monster 👹

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    I like this version of life and death but there's a reason they love eachother from a distance. Trust me my mom was God and my dad almost killed her.

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Devil needs sleep

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Love will win

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Out of love i met the devil and told him to let you go.

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    He needs to go back to hell with the demons and stop hurting my kids

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Only God can love the devil

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Its a trap

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    I found a silver ring too before trust me.

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Your not the devil you have schizo affective just like me

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму


  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    So im bouncing im sorry I don't fuck with the devil hes not good trust me gods forgivin him many times before

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Your not you

  • Song Bird 🐦
    Song Bird 🐦4 дні таму

    Lil nas showed people how to talk to the devil when only God can

  • Sunset rise
    Sunset rise4 дні таму

    How much for the pink downfall guitar?

  • Arief Halim
    Arief Halim4 дні таму

    This is machine gun Kelly, I don’t get the buzz. This sounds like the most generic emo and post punk music ever.

  • George Tsekouras
    George Tsekouras4 дні таму

    Lmao eminem really destroyed his career

  • John C
    John C4 дні таму

    oh whine oh cry oh oh whine oh cry oh oh whine oh cry oh bunk bunk bang bang bang - WTF is this noise? Trash scream!

  • Shucky Ducky
    Shucky Ducky5 дзён таму

    This crap is horrible.

  • Jesse sweet
    Jesse sweet5 дзён таму

    Killen is so awesome in this

  • Thaddeus Williams
    Thaddeus Williams5 дзён таму

    Eminem showed MGK he couldn't rap and now he's Good Charlotte. Lmao! Fuc$ you, Fight me.

  • xShortii xx
    xShortii xx5 дзён таму

    I honestly love it when drummers do that spinning with the drum sticks

  • A I
    A I5 дзён таму

    He got megan fox , GG

  • Jaachi Aaron
    Jaachi Aaron5 дзён таму

    Machine gun Kelly supposed to be in a movie about Midnight In The Switchgrass except Megan Fox or Bruce Willis not another music video without Misery Business in front of Paramore & There is no reason I’m not adding Travis Barker on the list that I created it.

  • Erick PA
    Erick PA5 дзён таму

    Kellin 😎👌🤘

  • Rimo69
    Rimo695 дзён таму

    Eminem dissed him so hard he transformed into a full time Pop-Rock artist.

  • The Doge

    The Doge

    Дзень таму

    @Rimo69 you are

  • Rimo69


    Дзень таму

    @The Doge gonna cry?

  • The Doge

    The Doge

    Дзень таму

    This is what happens when a 0 iq stan comments without knowing anything

  • kai 么

    kai 么

    3 дні таму


  • Vane0s
    Vane0s5 дзён таму

    Imagine having a mom that owns dodge challenger dude

  • Criz TheKid
    Criz TheKid5 дзён таму

    bringing my emo vibes back ... haha

  • memoriesarelost
    memoriesarelost5 дзён таму

    Mgk ,!

  • Nzegu ima
    Nzegu ima5 дзён таму

    Tf is this get. Get back to rappin bro

  • Ava
    Ava6 дзён таму

    Bruh Em Killed this guy's rap game

  • Ava


    3 дні таму

    @Gh0st salty much?

  • Gh0st


    3 дні таму

    and your lack of understanding that he grew up and changed his music.

  • Kahlil Gibran
    Kahlil Gibran6 дзён таму

    " YAAAAAA' !!! "-#ALREADY

  • Charlie Wiseman
    Charlie Wiseman6 дзён таму

    just noticed how thicc kellin looks as a life guard

  • Dennis Linnaes
    Dennis Linnaes6 дзён таму

    KELL"S 100

  • nicholas Reill
    nicholas Reill6 дзён таму

    I just love how the stoner is the one to survive 😂

  • Sanskar Singh
    Sanskar Singh6 дзён таму

    Damn he still breathing ? Guess Em didn't go too hard on him

  • Steve Bining
    Steve Bining6 дзён таму

    Machine-gun Kelly lol the gun weighs more than him

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki6 дзён таму

    I love that MGK isn't just Rap! that he actually loves all kinds of Music, reminds me of so many old bands with this kind of music so fucking good!

  • Simply_Spectacular
    Simply_Spectacular6 дзён таму

    I fuckin crack up everytime with how ridiculous the kills are

  • Баста Ноггано
    Баста Ноггано6 дзён таму


  • Nazar Savchenko
    Nazar Savchenko6 дзён таму

    Wtf I just watched?🤦‍♂️

  • Samara Cox
    Samara Cox7 дзён таму

    Amazing music video thank you for going to my state ❤ I wish I could go to your concert but my family doesn't have very much money 😢💔😔. But I will watch it from my phone. Have a good day and my God bless you life forever.

  • Josiah Harkkins
    Josiah Harkkins7 дзён таму

    The nerd in this was MGK check the neck tattoo with the tally marks

  • Lisa Capshaw
    Lisa Capshaw7 дзён таму

    I need another rap album. Some Blue Skies 🌌 Vibes.

  • Tyler Pelkey
    Tyler Pelkey7 дзён таму

    This song should have way more views, its awesome af. This song is so super sick 🤟🤟☝️👍👏🙌👐

  • Pablo Honeyyy
    Pablo Honeyyy7 дзён таму

    Fear street 1978 looks great

  • cea cea
    cea cea7 дзён таму

    What happened to him? This is embarrassing

  • EsmeraldaNotFound
    EsmeraldaNotFound7 дзён таму

    Having Noah Beck here was the worst part of the video kellin was the best part

  • Taras Uzhva
    Taras Uzhva7 дзён таму

    3:04 Is it a reference to Taking Back Sunday?^)) (Taking Back//to you))

  • Rico Cassotta
    Rico Cassotta7 дзён таму

    Yo I thought it was a girl till I watched the video lol

  • Erik Jendrzejczyk
    Erik Jendrzejczyk7 дзён таму

    Ud think there would be for views for this song