love race (The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2021)

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  • Elly Diego
    Elly Diego3 години таму

    I'm so in love

  • Peyton Luckhurst
    Peyton Luckhurst8 годин таму

    Erg ewwww

  • C R
    C R11 годин таму

    Kellin’s voice is just incredible! It’s so great to see him on Ellen!

  • David Wolfe
    David Wolfe12 годин таму

    Mgk is so underrated he is so talented both with creating his songs and his visual props he uses in his performances.

  • Khaelem Roque
    Khaelem RoqueДзень таму

    Came here coz of kellin/ SWS TBH the song is as trash as this wannabe no identity white tooth pick, without Kellin on it, so hats off kellin!

  • CAfakmykak
    CAfakmykak2 дні таму

    I know almost nothing about playing guitar. But can someone tell me if MGK is actually playing? It looks to me like his hand movements don't really match up with the guitar in the song.

  • Oguz Kertis
    Oguz Kertis2 дні таму


  • LiL Dunny
    LiL Dunny2 дні таму

    Been watching this like 3 times a day, amazing duo

  • Peter
    Peter2 дні таму

    This is what em did to MGK. RIP boy.

  • Der Dude

    Der Dude

    Дзень таму

    Make him a Number one artist in a genre that has been called dead for over a decade? Aight, not what I'd consider dead but if this fits your definition.

  • RMcC832
    RMcC8323 дні таму

    Rip the people with epilepsy

  • Pokermon
    Pokermon3 дні таму


  • Hudokei _
    Hudokei _3 дні таму

    Straight fire

  • Colton Bird
    Colton Bird3 дні таму

    Idk what it is but I love this song.

  • Ryaaaaan
    Ryaaaaan4 дні таму

    I like MGK's rap songs, but this is EXACTLY what he should be doing. he is thriving and im glad i was here to see his reinvention!

  • da ni
    da ni4 дні таму

    Why first dude sounds like a school girl lmao

  • John C
    John C4 дні таму

    the Degenrerated show with another oh whine oh cry oh oh whine oh cry oh oh whine oh cry oh bunk bunk bang bang bang - WTF is this noise? Trash scream!

  • Gutter Bear
    Gutter Bear5 дзён таму

    That Kellin chick looks like a dude.

  • Der Dude

    Der Dude

    Дзень таму

    He's a 30 or so year old man

  • Proserpine
    Proserpine5 дзён таму

    Singing falsettos is hard. Singing screamo is hard. How this guy manages to do both at the same time is beyond me.

  • Sir David
    Sir David5 дзён таму

    One of the best live performances i’ve ever seen. I would pay good money to see this live

  • Justy's Cave
    Justy's Cave5 дзён таму

    I had no idea who Kellin Quinn was, he's from sleeping with Sirens and he is not a she like I thought when I first heard it lol. But yeah SWS are pretty cool he's becoming the Travis Barker of featured artists just vocals instead of drums

  • jerry johnson
    jerry johnson6 дзён таму

    he is a good artist like green day meets Billy Idol meets brittish vibe ,cool as fuck

    SHYNALP6 дзён таму

    crazy chicks

  • Jhow
    Jhow6 дзён таму

    me lembra Tony Hanwks de Psx =[

  • Dougiee Fresh
    Dougiee Fresh6 дзён таму

    EVERY single time I hear Kellin I always wonder, just how many people out there have similar voices but are scared to show it to the world for fear of what people think.. I mean that as the biggest compliment ever. He has the such a unique voice that u just don’t hear from anywhere else. Him and Kells are the perfect duo. Hope we get some more of these two on some future projects. I come back to listen to this OFTEN, just CRUSHED IT!

  • Deshaun Allison
    Deshaun Allison6 дзён таму

    Tbh I like this version way more than the regular version haha they killed this 🤟🏾🔥🔥

  • Anthony Sicurezza
    Anthony Sicurezza6 дзён таму

    Almost forgot to watch this today

  • Alex Bonnington
    Alex Bonnington6 дзён таму

    Everyone talking about Kellin Quinn, but mgk sounds so good in this

  • Vlmsa Msvla
    Vlmsa Msvla7 дзён таму

    God was a girl???

  • Frau Eimer Kopf
    Frau Eimer Kopf7 дзён таму

    Sounds like he’s going to replace the singer of blink

  • Daniel Flanagan Or FLAN
    Daniel Flanagan Or FLAN7 дзён таму


  • Devourer
    Devourer8 дзён таму

    is it me or does anyone notice the guitar is fake

  • Ant1234


    8 дзён таму

    Are you fake?

  • Ant1234


    8 дзён таму

    It's all fake.. Guitar's fake.. Ellen is fake and machine gun Kellys fake

  • Mushfrog_ Gamez
    Mushfrog_ Gamez8 дзён таму

    Is the other person a boy or a girl mgk

  • Richie Szczepaniak

    Richie Szczepaniak

    7 дзён таму

    It's a boy

  • will lewis
    will lewis8 дзён таму

    I don’t like the guy that sounds like a girl

  • DnL
    DnL9 дзён таму

    Travis + mgk + Kellin Quinn = perfect

  • Leonardo Toledo
    Leonardo Toledo9 дзён таму

    Love how mgk are bringing pop punk icons to the mainstream, modsun too

  • Amanda Nichole
    Amanda Nichole9 дзён таму

    Damn... Eminem really ended this dude's rap career and made him switch genre's 😳

  • Jenaira De Jesus
    Jenaira De Jesus9 дзён таму

    Love you Kellin!

  • Erick Arsenault
    Erick Arsenault10 дзён таму

    douvhe bag

  • Ant1234


    8 дзён таму

    Speak for yourself. I would have thought your brain is severely underdeveloped to come out with a comment that bad. Either that or you have pathetically low self confidence.

  • Jason Martin
    Jason Martin10 дзён таму

    2:20 is by far the best i've ever seen hahaha soo awesome

  • alojamoja25
    alojamoja2510 дзён таму

    When Kellin's voice is a lot girly than mine.

  • Ricki McCormick
    Ricki McCormick10 дзён таму

    The beginning, to me.. sounds a little like the chorus in relient K - be my escape

  • valerie sanford
    valerie sanford11 дзён таму

    He's pretty bad sss....I love him

  • Mack B
    Mack B11 дзён таму

    Puff daddy is Diddy bopping on this guy. Cleveland hold this L

  • The bright side of the moon
    The bright side of the moon11 дзён таму

    I could have been mistaken for watching X Factor

  • Tiana Lee
    Tiana Lee11 дзён таму

    Not that the recoded version is bad but this is so much better in my opinion 🥶

  • Patrick Duncan
    Patrick Duncan12 дзён таму

    Mgk and Tbarker is the plug we need rn

  • janess morales
    janess morales12 дзён таму

    Yr gross

  • Michael Alvarez
    Michael Alvarez12 дзён таму

    Why Travis always murdering the drumset?

  • Lala LA
    Lala LA12 дзён таму

    Typical voice for this kinda genre.

    RYAN PADILLA YEAH12 дзён таму

    Hey it's kelim quinn! At ellen show. Lezgoooo!

  • mojo 33
    mojo 3312 дзён таму

    Awesome song!

  • AGentlemansDream
    AGentlemansDream12 дзён таму

    I love how the other dude sings through his nose since there is where his mic is.. XD

  • themisfitoddity
    themisfitoddity12 дзён таму

    wow that's garbage. sorry for visiting this/ешьу wasted. thought that'd be a rap performance, but it seems he still hasn't recovered. oh well

  • ChampKmaq
    ChampKmaq12 дзён таму

    Mgk sounds so much better live ❤

  • Nian
    Nian12 дзён таму

    i never thought i’d see kellin again ngl LMAO i stray from the pop punk genre in 2012 a few months ago im back it again

  • Ieran Khen Esguerra
    Ieran Khen Esguerra13 дзён таму

    Kuddos to kellin quinn his voice here ar so great👏👏👏

  • Alexander,
    Alexander,13 дзён таму

    I forgot that there’ll be people who don‘t know about Kellin Quinn who’re confused

  • Allan Baumer
    Allan Baumer13 дзён таму

    When's MGK gonna collab w/ KennyHoopla tho?

  • Ivan Ventura
    Ivan Ventura13 дзён таму

    why the guy with the jean jacket sounds like a 13 year old girl?

  • ランボルギーニ
    ランボルギーニ13 дзён таму

    very good souns good nice

  • John
    John14 дзён таму

    I was like oow who is that girl? OOOh kellin quinn from sleeping with sirens

  • s k
    s k14 дзён таму

    I love mgk

  • Shayan Madadi
    Shayan Madadi14 дзён таму

    I wish the "I'm on the run" part at the end was a part of the original track too

  • Mesabi Outdoor Adventures
    Mesabi Outdoor Adventures15 дзён таму

    I heard the name MGK a few times and was curious about who this person is. This music is terrible, but now I know.

  • _ Avorach _

    _ Avorach _

    10 дзён таму

    This is just your opinion

  • Bemo Hive
    Bemo Hive15 дзён таму

    1:19 them singing together is so great. that whole verse sounds soooo good

  • SAUKEN 15
    SAUKEN 1515 дзён таму

    WTF was that? They call this music? LMMFAO

  • Jennifer Currier
    Jennifer Currier15 дзён таму

    I listen to this song every day

  • Freya Krast
    Freya Krast16 дзён таму

    God he can't sing worth a shit... who told him he could?

  • Kristina Matchett
    Kristina Matchett16 дзён таму

    He is so horrible. Omg....I just lost 4 mins of my life.

  • Jennifer Currier
    Jennifer Currier16 дзён таму

    Love this song I love all 3 of them

  • miku miku
    miku miku16 дзён таму

    Kellin's vocals is so amazing

  • SourPad
    SourPad17 дзён таму

    kellin quinn's voice is coming out from the nose man! amazing!

  • Ana VasqueZ
    Ana VasqueZ17 дзён таму

    Your cool magi

  • Ana VasqueZ
    Ana VasqueZ17 дзён таму

    Amazing song 😊😍🙂😁😄

  • dontforgettosmelltheroses
    dontforgettosmelltheroses17 дзён таму

    Barbie doll shic

  • iWaBa FET
    iWaBa FET17 дзён таму

    honestly believed i was at a concert lol that was amazing loved it

  • Cory Hull
    Cory Hull18 дзён таму

    You can feel the crowd post song realize it was amazing. MGKs response to the initial silence and how impressed they were at the band. Amazing.

  • joehunter3jh
    joehunter3jh18 дзён таму

    Is that a dude or lady ?

  • joehunter3jh


    17 дзён таму

    @Slukas S damn crazy voice good though different

  • joehunter3jh


    17 дзён таму


  • Slukas S

    Slukas S

    18 дзён таму

    Dude. Lead singer of the band Sleeping with Sirens

  • MeeZy StudioZ
    MeeZy StudioZ18 дзён таму

    Why does MGK sing even better live?!?

  • Nana Rosales
    Nana Rosales18 дзён таму

    His songs and music are do annoying.

  • Facts Machine
    Facts Machine18 дзён таму

    I liked MGKs voice but the other guy sounded horrible and the lyrics are trash

  • Facts Machine
    Facts Machine18 дзён таму

    I like MGK as an artist but I can’t stand that Ellen D...she is a kid doodler and picks fun of her staff...super U.g.l.y

  • Chad Carr
    Chad Carr18 дзён таму

    Must suck getting shit on so hard by Eminem he had to switch music genres 😂

  • Joel2point0
    Joel2point018 дзён таму

    Is that a guy?

  • Ryan savini
    Ryan savini19 дзён таму

    The “Screaming for myself” scream... gets me everytime

  • peanutbutterisfu
    peanutbutterisfu19 дзён таму

    So proud of mgk he real is on of the most talented dudes out there now! A rapper then a surprisingly good actor and now he makes one of the best pop punk style albums of the past 10+ years just hit after hit single after single this will be one of them albums where kids 20 years from now discover the album and decide to pick up the guitar. There is a kid right now that is picking up the guitar because of this album and in 5-10 years from now this kid will be getting interviewed and say he/she started playing guitar because of mgk. Maybe I’m wrong but it really feels impactful like blink was when they came out I mean look at his music videos getting 10’s of millions views and pretty quickly too. It’s a fresh new sound that’s why it’s so good. I really wouldn’t be surprised if a 4th wave of pop punk starts to take place soon It really seemed like nobody gave a fuck about rock music like it died 5 years ago and mgk released a rock album while nobody stlll gives a fuck about rock and he fucking brought rock back. Good job mgk you deserve all the success coming ur way ur really killin it!

  • janess morales
    janess morales19 дзён таму


  • janess morales
    janess morales19 дзён таму

    If u truly wish to make more juice kids please use other children also not good for dearest u know that

  • Submash Playzz
    Submash Playzz19 дзён таму

    Why are ur songs the best I wish I could meet u it’s my dream

  • steve contato
    steve contato19 дзён таму

    Travis Barker that I saw there. Omg.. Nice to see him.

  • Vassilis Georgiou
    Vassilis Georgiou19 дзён таму

    How did this guy go from rapping to Scene/Emo/Pop Punk? I am well confused.

  • Ako


    18 дзён таму

    well he’s always been a huge rock fan. hes collabed with tons of rock artist since his lace up album, plus he performed at warped tour multiple times

  • Zuzana Kohútová
    Zuzana Kohútová19 дзён таму


  • FryL
    FryL20 дзён таму

    That kellin is good he should start a band or something.

  • mihiec
    mihiec20 дзён таму

    He can't even sing.... His voice is worst then mine..... :/

  • TeeMoney
    TeeMoney20 дзён таму

    Swing life away boys!

  • ojo Luci
    ojo Luci20 дзён таму

    freak on a freak show

    GARUDA MILAN20 дзён таму

    Bro did u really quit rap career?? M your biggest fan man from Nepal

  • Ako


    18 дзён таму

    no, did you not hear daywalker?

  • Alicia V
    Alicia V20 дзён таму

    Why it sounds like “This is me” from Camp Rock??

  • Aman Aman
    Aman Aman20 дзён таму

    Bullshitting lyrics foookkkkkkkkkk

  • Ako


    18 дзён таму


  • EPIC Ñations the scene
    EPIC Ñations the scene21 дзень таму

    I love kellin I was so happy to see this I miss sleeping with sirens also I love mgk too